Hello dear Turkopticon users! :-D

After almost a decade, we want to announce the beta of Turkopticon 2. Last summer, 1000 of you filled out the Community Survey. Many of you were happy with how things were going, but some suggested that the 1-5 ratings system could (or maybe had...) become a source of conflict.

Since then, we have worked on a version of TO that still lets you help other workers with reports of your experience, but gets the information in a set of objective questions that are less prone to debates like "but is 4 the right fairness rating?" Thanks especially to Kai (feihtality) for donating the bulk of programming time.

The major motivations for the overhaul were to reduce conflict between reviewers - especially over controversial rating criteria like FAIR and PAY - and to reduce the amount of work moderators have to do.

Aside from "behind the scenes" technical changes that should make the site easier to update as needed, the major changes that users will notice are:

What about all the reviews in Turkopticon? We'll keep Turkopticon running as is for now. Turkopticon 2 is in beta so we'd like you to go over there, try it out, switch to it if you like it, and send us your feedback. We'll switch to Turkopticon 2 if many workers begin using it instead of Turkopticon.

Turkopticon 2 is available at https://turkopticon.info.

The new userscript, for use with Tampermonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) can be found at https://turkopticon.info/install or on Greasy Fork at https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/27512-turkoptiscript.

To all of you who make Turkopticon what it is - contributing reviews and helping each other - thank you so much for all your ongoing work and for your patience with us during this process. We sincerely hope this is a significant improvement, and addresses many of the issues people have discussed in the last few years.

Lilly, Kai, and Six

OK, close this thing