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Censoring some profanity

Fri Feb 15 2013 04:36 PST

six (admin)

As you know if you've been around a while, one of the tasks of the moderators is to hide reviews with profanity.

We're lightening the load for them a little bit by automatically censoring some profanity.

You can see an example of this in action in the first comment on this review.

The text in the database is unedited. The words filetered are filtered on display only.

Re: Censoring some profanity

Sun Feb 17 2013 21:52 PST


I love your choice of replacement words. Very colorful. I may start using them myself if that's okay

Re: Censoring some profanity

Tue Feb 19 2013 00:29 PST


Thank you Mr. Six for your input.

Re: Censoring some profanity

Sun Mar 10 2013 13:34 PDT

six (admin)

Thanks to you both!

texaschristian: of course, please feel free to use our replacement words as you like :-)

Re: Censoring some profanity

Fri May 10 2013 19:56 PDT

Ramesh S.

This is "delightful bamboo-eating panda"ing great idea ;)

Re: Censoring some profanity

Tue Jun 25 2013 00:45 PDT


Re: Censoring some profanity

Fri Aug 08 2014 09:09 PDT


I noticed that the word "stupid" in one of my reviews was replaced with "inspiring." Aside from that being ridiculous, what sort of "intelligent" person would replace negative words on a review site with positive words? You are willfully misleading people when you do this.

Re: Censoring some profanity

Thu Aug 28 2014 20:27 PDT


Thank you Wolf- you took the words out of my mouth..

I had some postings deleted as well simply for implying words such as 'dangit'...

Its all a power trip... pretty pathetic and sad to say the least : )

Kiss my arse.. seriously..

Re: Censoring some profanity

Sat Aug 30 2014 06:07 PDT


They need to do some house cleaning here..some real nasty and power hungry moderators.. Not only do they censor you for even the slightest hint of anger when you give a requester a bad review? but words like dangit, darnit.. all trigger a nasty backlash. I had 4 moderators attack me.

I buffered all the posts and will be writing up a huge piece about the turkopticon jerks this weekend and also put it on my website..

I for one would like to hear honest opinions.. not watered down happy happy gibberish.. Wow-that really ticked me off.. Reminds me of grade school when once a week they would randomly give out crossing guard authority to various kids and they all would become mini dictators!

How proud you must be waking up each morning knowing you have weight on turkopticon : ) :)