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Edited some 'undefined' requester names

Thu Aug 21 2014 14:50 PDT

six (admin)

I've edited the reviews where the requester name was 'undefined' and there were other reviews of that requester, so I could see what the requester name actually was.

Unfortunately there are a few single-review requesters with 'undefined' requester names. If anyone knows what the names of the requesters are, please comment here, email us, or post to the appropriate thread on TN.

A2RUY7E8YEXNRT [review]
A2AC3FE9LS9PYK [review]
A122MMTTIUJHCI [review]
A1EN0EWVI7XAPK [review]
A2B19E5ZIA2Y4Q [review]
A30ABHRB9SV [review]
A39NXEQV5BSIY8 [review]


Review IDs changed:

Report.find(166128).update_attributes(:amzn_requester_name => "Morgan Dixon")
Report.find(166064).update_attributes(:amzn_requester_name => "AZZY")
Report.find(165956).update_attributes(:amzn_requester_name => "AZZY")


Actually, some of these are a couple years old, so probably only the recent ones are from the recent weirdness.

Re: Edited some 'undefined' requester names

Thu Aug 21 2014 15:09 PDT


A1EN0EWVI7XAPK = Steven Marcus, from forum posts. The others haven't been posted about.

Re: Edited some 'undefined' requester names

Fri Jul 24 2015 05:48 PDT


Thanks Steven for letting us know that some of them are old.